Since 1968


Under the leadership of the chairman of the board and the general manager, Taining Machine Industrial Co., Ltd. has continuously developed and improved its service purpose for the last five decades.

This has enabled the Taiwan brand Taining to shine in the international market. We have production and sales experience in semi-automated and automated machines, and have developed new models year after year. Taining produces various high quality and highly professional winding machine that profited the thread sector in the textile industry. Taining has obtained hundreds of international and domestic patents, and passed the ISO 9001 quality and CE certification. Our machines have been widely sold in Europe, America, Japan, and Southeast Asia. By focusing on the international market, we have long been widely acclaimed.

Our products include various professionally made fully-automated winding machines, fully-automated cone winders, high-speed winding machines, combiners, fully-automated high-speed winding machines, multifunctional winding machines, semi-automated winding machines, fully-automated adhesive dispensers, thread rollers, paper cardboard machines, fully-automated bottom-thread machines, yarn ball machines, combiner winding machines, and microprocessor meter encoders used for producing textiles. We sincerely believe that fast and high quality production is the foundation for providing comprehensive service to customers.