Management Philosophy

Since the chairman of the board established the company in 1968, he has inherited the Chinese philosophy of service integrity. The “be honest with people handling matters with integrity” life philosophy produced the “integrity and stability, professional management, innovation excellence, and service society” management concept.

Integrity and Stability
Rationalize everything, seek the truth, credibility and integrity, soundly place sight on the international market, and seek sustainable development.

Professional Management
Focus on textile winding machine manufacturing and service. Seek institutionalization, professionalization, modernization, and scientification. Improve and produce products and services that conform to customer expectations.

Innovation Excellence
Continuously seek product innovation and request that staff update their ideas. Breakthrough our own barriers and bravely accept new challenges. Implement comprehensive execution and continue to improve and pursue excellent quality and management performance.

Service Society
Uphold take philosophy from society and use it to benefit society. Use the “spread the wealth” concept to fulfill social responsibility. Be a public citizen that can be trusted, recognized, and that contributes.